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Q: Why should my department distribute our crash and incident reports online?
A: Distributing reports online saves your department a great deal of time and money. Using our system, your report distribution is made available online, reducing in-person and mail requests to your agency saving your staff a significant amount of work and time. Online distribution offers your citizens and other purchasers of reports a more convenient and timely means of obtaining reports.
Q:Is it legal in my state to distribute reports online?
A: It is legal in every state to distribute accident reports online. The requirements for accessing a report, however, vary by state. No matter what your state’s guidelines and rules are for distributing reports, we work with you to ensure that distribution falls within all laws and local policies/ordinances.
Q:Our police department does not have an electronic crash system. Can you still distribute my paper reports?
A: Yes we can. We have developed a number of processes for uploading paper reports and many of our agencies currently use these processes.
Q:What is the cost for using your system?
? A: There is no cost to the agency for implementing our eCrash system. We are compensated by assessing a modest convenience fee to citizens, insurers and other authorized parties who purchase the accident reports.
Q:Who indexes our reports?
A: When necessary, PoliceReports.US, will index your agency’s accident reports at no charge, allowing your agency to focus on your core mission of providing the highest quality of public safety - spending less time and manpower on tedious administrative details.
Q:Do you customize each individual department’s search page or do they all look alike?
A: PoliceReports.US, will customize your page to include an image of your departments badge, search requirements and permissible purpose statement.
Q:Our department requires an affirmation page before a report can be distributed. Does your system have the capability of requiring an affirmation prior to someone accessing a report?
A: Yes. The wording and format of the affirmation page are customizable according to the needs of your agency.
Q:We charge based on the number of pages contained in a report. Can your system charge different amounts for reports of different lengths?
A: Yes. A number of our partner agencies currently take advantage of our unique system for report pricing based on the number of pages contained in a report.
Q:It takes us a great deal of time to distribute photos of crashes. Does your system have this capability?
A: Yes. We have the ability to upload and distribute crash scene photos, including flexible options for per photo or group photo pricing.
Q:What types of reports are available on your system?
A: Typically, agencies use our system to distribute their crash reports. However, a number of agencies also upload their crime/incident reports for distribution. We are able to build separate search pages for different report types.
Q:After we send our reports to you, how long does it take before they are available online for distribution?
A: The answer depends on the indexing method you choose. For reports that are automatically indexed or indexed by personnel at the PD, they are available minutes after being sent to our servers. Reports that are indexed by our data production team at PoliceReports.US, are available by noon the following business day.
Q:If we sign an agreement with PoliceReports.US, how long will it take before we are distributing reports online?
A: In most cases, we can build your customized search page and train your personnel to use our system within a matter days.
Q:How do we upload reports to PoliceReports.US?
A: The upload process will depend upon whether you have paper or electronic reports and the export/print capabilities of your RMS. We have multiple upload processes to accommodate a variety of formats and records management systems. We will work closely with you to select the upload process that is the most time efficient for your agency.
Q:Will I be able to track the number of reports and photos I upload and sell every month?
A: Yes. Regardless of which of our upload processes you use, you can track, in real-time, all of your report and photo uploads and sales.
Q:How long are our reports maintained on your system?
A: Typically, your reports are securely maintained on our servers indefinitely. We will be happy to discuss specific archival requirements upon request.
Q:Do I need any additional hardware or software to use your system?
A: Typically, you will not need anything beyond what is already available at your agency to use our system for distributing reports online. In some cases you may need a scanner to scan and upload your documents to us. In those cases, we are happy to provide you with a scanner and necessary software to securely upload your reports.
Q:I have forgotten my Login ID and password. How do I reset?
A: Because there are various applications on our system that require a login and because of our commitment to security of your information, you must call our main office at 800 489-0190, ext 116. Once your identity is verified, we can reset your password.