Although the primary business of Police Reports.US is to partner with police agencies to distribute accident reports online, we pride ourselves on innovation and have developed a number of other processes designed to increase departmental efficiency and the level of customer service while reducing administrative costs. And remember, all of these (except OCR and SDDS) are available at NO COST to your department! To request more information regarding any of our services, you may call us at 800-489-0190, extension 103 or 104. You may also click on each of the buttons below for a brief description of each service.


One of our newest processes is Webcruiser, a web-based process for uploading accident reports and photos. In addition, it is a report transaction management tool that provides up to the minute upload and sales data.

Call today to find out more about distributing your crash scene photographs using our service.

This is an all-in-one system that is completely FREE to the PD.

Other systems that enable your citizens to report non-emergency crimes online cost from $15K-$40K or more in setup and installations costs + large monthly maintenance fees. Our setup fee is only $1299 with low monthly maintenance fees. If you use any of our other services, your department may qualify for a waiver of the setup fee!

This a complete management tool for departments that tracks payments, automatically assesses late fees, and allows for real-time evaluation of outstanding and paid parking tickets.

Online Traffic Ticket Pay is convenient for your citizens and a robust system for managing online payment of traffic fines, all at no cost to the PD.

This process prevents you from having to upload all your incident reports resulting in a significant time savings. All of the forms and data fields are customizable to meet the needs of your agency.

PoliceReports.US has developed an internal mail delivery and document distribution system that enables you to securely and conveniently transmit sensitive documents.

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